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FIYAH Literary Magazine, #13

Overall, I thought this issue of FIYAH was really interesting and exciting. It has a good variety of stories, each in a quite different style; the only thing I wanted a little more of was poetry! (I'm a nerd lol)

ALL THAT THE STORM TOOK // Yah Yah Scholfield: This was my favorite, and will be a story that I push people to nominate for awards. I could write a whole post about the tension and payoff in this story--I think it's masterful, gorgeous, painful. I want to bookmark it as an example of disability fiction and then make other people read it!

ROOTS ON YA // LH MOORE: Gorgeous, vivid language, with maybe a little more body horror than I was prepared for. (I'm delicate!)

LUSCA // Soleil Knowles: I'm a big fan of surrealism and shapechanging, whether its werewolves or more subtle transformations. This story felt very satisfying and literary.

THE TRANSITION OF OSOOSI // Ozzie M. Gartrell: Cyberpunk! Standing Rock! Betrayal! Kicking ass and taking names! This story was super exciting and the world is complex and fractured enough to host longer/more stories.

"Aliens Visit the Caribbean" // Terese Mason Pierre: the only poem in the issue, it reminded me a bit of Cadwell Turnbull's THE LESSON just because of the premise. Not life-changing, but good.

I subscribed during FIYAH's drive to raise enough money to pay pro rates, and I feel like it was a good decision. If you want to subscribe, too, click here: FIYAH Lit Mag


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