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FIYAH Literary Magazine #15

FIYAH Literary Magazine #15

Buying a subscription to FIYAH is basically the highlight of my 2020.

The stories in this issue are all pretty strong, with a good variety of genres/styles. I don't know that I can pick a favorite: "The Black Menagerie" and "Red Cloth, White Giraffe" are both strange and dreamy and yet very different from each other. I love them both and will be keeping an eye out for future work from both writers!

The poetry section was also fantastic, although I continue to wish they'd intersperse the poems among the stories rather than keeping them in their own section. It just seems like it would be a smoother read! I worry that some readers just read the prose and skip the poems in the back!

Someday I'll have a lit mag of my own and then I can make these decisions the way I want to.


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