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Mexican Gothic

There was recently a brief splash of news about a medical paper on a guy who powdered up psilocybin mushrooms and injected them into his bloodstream only to discover that fungus can grow in the dark. At the time of publishing the paper, the guy was still alive, but his body was riddled with fungus, which was in his bloodstream and growing--basically metastatic.

If that seems horrific but in a delightful way, you should read MEXICAN GOTHIC! Also read if you're a fan of: extremely creepy fancy houses, saucy debutantes in school for anthropology, pretty boys with delicate hands, old racist white men getting what's coming to them, the chemistry of pigments, historic Mexico, when the Real Monster is the Racism We Uncovered Along the Way, surprisingly touching exasperated father-headstrong daughter relationships, girls saving girls and also themselves.

It's maybe not the best book to read if you've got an active imagination and also Medical Reasons for a constant feeling of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and bewilderment. But I'm pretty delicate and I seem to have survived it. Moreno-Garcia is an extremely talented author who has published in a wide variety of genres and also edited horror magazine The Dark for several years, and just judging as a reader, I'd say she made some subtle choices in this book that make it not-quite-horror. It walks the line between horror and, like, gothic romance, and I didn't actually have the nightmares I was afraid of after I finished it.



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