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The Last Graduate

It's quite difficult to review THE LAST GRADUATE individually because I mainlined this series over the course of just a few days, one book after another, and the overall arc of the trilogy is incredibly well done. These books have flow! So I can't really separate out #2, but I CAN say that this trilogy is my most recommended of this year. Perhaps the most satisfying thing about it is the way the plot twists resonate thematically; Novik uses an action adventure story to build an argument about how to be a person in the world. Plus, by the end of the trilogy everything you learned at the beginning is still true--is even more true, but is also flipped entirely on its head. It's a perfect "I'm rebelling against my prophesied destiny" story. Loved it without reservations.

Also, the covers of these books are so fucking gorgeous, I love them.


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