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When the Moon Turns to Blood

Interested in cults, conspiracy theories, QAnon, high-control groups/people, or MAGA bullshit?

From the book, page 274: "In November 2020, I watched the presidential election between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden play out in the forums of AVOW. Doing so proved many things to me, but among them was an underscoring of the fact that Chad Daybell was hardly alone in his conspiratorial belief system. He had been bolstered by a large community of LDS people who indulge in antigovernment ideologies, who take prepping to the extreme, who consider the words of the LDS prophet as mere guidance when they don’t boost what they already believe. It’s a world that views conspiracy mongers as visionaries. And it should come as no surprise that while conspiracy theories are some kind of sick entertainment for some users of the site, others are much, much more serious about what they’re saying. And it was within that murk that Chad Daybell found importance, a voice of his own, a sense of celebrity—no matter how small it was. He meant something."

This is a high-drama story of family annihilation murderers inspired by the divine, sincere hope for the end of the world, and right-wing weirdness, reported by one of the most expert reporters in the field. 10/10 do recommend


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