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Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America

MEDIOCRE is a wide-ranging overview of massive cultural forces over centuries of time. Because of this, it's perhaps inevitable that it offers less specific data and more analysis of data it's assumed one already knows. Which I do, so this book was fascinating and satisfying in the same way as cleaning out a cabinet where the mess has accumulated over many years and then putting everything back in a clear, organized way. Oluo does that, but in your brain! It's great.

Pairs well with in-depth reporting about the failures of white men, for example the podcast "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" about scammy megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll who SO exemplifies a mediocre white man failing upward to a position of great wealth, reputation and power. But the rage-inducing thing is, of course, that there are a million examples of this. Fyre Festival. Elon Musk. Any number of white male leaders of countries who just happened to be the next guy in line for the throne.


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