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The Truth About Melody Browne

Through a long series of poorly-planned choices I ended up sitting in my car outside the vet's office waiting for my dog to get X-rays (she's fine, just old) for three hours, without anything to read and a phone that had 30% battery but could not be allowed to die because the vet was, at some point, going to call and tell me that my dog was ready to be picked up. So I walked down to the Walgreens on the corner and picked this book out of the single shelf of actual books that floated above the magazine rack. For a book that I picked solely because it wasn't by John Grisham or Clive Cussler AND it didn't have any half-naked cowboys on the cover, THE TRUTH ABOUT MELODY BROWNE was pretty good. It's a slow, thoughtful family drama, not the kind of challenging read I usually prefer, but perfectly acceptable for the circumstances. I finished it a few days after the debacle at the vet's office, voluntarily, instead of reading the thing I'm supposed to have finished before my book club in two days, so. This is a lukewarm recommendation, but honestly if you love slow and mysterious family dramas you'll probably love this book.


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