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The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report

The president is obviously and publicly a crook. And not in a cool, action-film kind of way: he's not suave, or charming, or clever, and he doesn't come with a deliciously angsty backstory. He's just a guy who wants to be powerful but has little imagination about it, so he does these dumb, impulsive crimes. He's not even brave enough to do crimes that have a real impact on the world, he just uses all the might and power of an empire to twist someone's arm so he can capture a couple fucking news cycles and make Joe Biden feel bad.

It makes it tempting to think that there's no need to pay attention to the impeachment process. He admitted to his crimes on international TV! You can see clips of it over and over on the internet, and then clips of his Acting Chief of Staff admitting it again, and saying "so what?" like he's really honestly impatient with everyone who hasn't yet realized that some people are powerful, and get to do whatever they want, and don't even have to respect the law enough to try hard to be sneaky when they break it.

However, misinformation is in the air, and facts are the best remedy. And it's a free pdf, so you might as well. Took me about an hour to read, but then I got distracted in the middle and went and made myself some food and came back to it. Will probably make you angry, if all the anger hasn't yet been burned out of you like a tree struck by lightning, leaving only the outer edge of bark and ashy cynicsm. Will definitely make you feel sympathy for Ukrainian President Zelensky and his staff. Those poor bastards.


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